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Investment area no. 3
located near the road Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa

Brief description of the area – location, space.
Investment area located near the road Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (DTŚ), area of 22.7 hectares situated in the Zaborze borough, near the road Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa currently under construction and a railway line. In the south, the area is restricted with „Kochłówka” watercourse which constitutes a border with Ruda Śląska.

Local Land Development Plan/Study on the conditions of spatial development
– intended use.

For the area in question, the Local Land Development Plan for the area of the road Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa is mandatory. Provisions of the plan: 3 UG, 4 UG – elementary function: service, production and commercial areas.

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Ownership structure of the area
– plot number, space, ownership
The area consists of 2 plots numbered as shown below, being the
property of the State Treasury: 263/3 – 13.5 ha, 264/24 – 9.2 ha
Availability of technical infrastructure,
i.e. energy, gas, water, sewage
system and storm water drainage
(distance of each utility junction
to the area border)
Area under the second stage of the Cohesion Fund
Low-pressure network in Wolności Street excluded from exploitation
In the neighbourhood of the area, there goes the heat distribution
network which is the property of Zabrzańskie Przedsiębiorstwo
Energetyki Cieplnej
Distance from a transport node,
i.e. motorway or national road. Location
of local, poviat roads – connection
with the road network of Zabrze/
The indicated area is perfectly communicated through a junction
with the road DTŚ and there is also a possibility of using the adjacent
side track
Distance from the airport Katowice – Pyrzowice
Distance: 30 km
Distance from large city agglomerations
with the population of more
than 50 000
Katowice – 25 km Gliwice – 10 km Ruda Śląska – 6 km
Level of underground waters Zone of ground waters – less than 1 m below the ground level
Risk of flooding and land slide The Kochłówka stream located in the southern part may generate the risk
of inundation
Underground obstacles and obstacles
on the surface
The area is degraded by industry and it constitutes a mine waste
dump exploited in order to recover slate. The risk of fire in the mine
waste dump.