Investment area no. 6
KSSE (Katowice Special Economic Zone)

Brief description of the area – location, space.
Investment area connected with the Katowice Special Economic Zone, with the total space of 168.90 hectares, located on the borders of Zabrze’s boroughs: Mikulczyce, Rokitnica and Biskupice, in the north the area is restricted by a forest, in the east by a poviat road running to Bytom and to the National Road no. 88, in the west by a poviat road which is the main road connecting northern city boroughs with the centre and at the same time connecting roads DK 88 with DK 94. The area is very well communicated. It has connections with poviat roads (ul. Ofiar Katynia, ul. Ziemska) and communcal roads (ul. Pod Borem, ul. Kopalniana). The area has access to a side track in the distance of 2.0 km.

Local Land Development Plan/Study on the conditions of land development
– intended use.

There is the Land Development Plan for the areas located in the City’s northern partS. Provisions of the plan: A.01.PP, SM, UR and A.02. PP, SM, UR – elementary function. Industry, warehouses, storehouses. Additional function: associated services, commerce, administration, science, tourism, transport infrastructure, catering, arranged green areas.

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Ownership structure of the area
– plot number, space, ownership
The area consists of 12 plots numbered as shown below, being the
property of ZABRZE Municipality, covering the total space of 168 ha:
61/2, 107/20, 4, 31/3, 32/3, 37/3,4 3/3, 553/16, 1066/16, 1797/16, 1798/16,
Availability of technical infrastructure,
i.e. energy, gas, water, sewage
system and storm water drainage
(distance of each utility junction
to the area border)
- 20 kV line in the area in question, available power: 7 MW
- water pipeline Ø 500 in Ofiar Katynia Street, adjacent to the area
- water pipeline Ø 150 in Kopalniana Street, adjacent to the area
Ø 200 in Kopalniana Street - adjacent to the area
2x Ø 400 – sewer force main in Ofiar Katynia Street - adjacent to the area
Discharge of rainwaters through an open ditch running in the southern
part to Mikulczycki Stream which goes westwards from Ofiar Katynia
- gas network: Dn 300, Dn 250 and Dn 250, low pressure, along Ofiar
Katynia Street, available power: about 4000 – 5000 m3/h
- Dn 500 or Dn 600 near the plot’s border, available power: 30-70 MW
Distance from a transport node,
i.e. motorway or national road. Location
of local, poviat roads – connection
with the road network of Zabrze/
- to „Wspólna” junction in A-4 motorway, 11 km
- to DK 94 road ( ul. Krakowska) – 1.5 km
- to DK 78 road ( ul. Witosa) – 3.0 km
- to DK 88 road (Al. Jeziorańskiego) – 2.5 km
- to provincial road no. 921, (ul. Mikulczycka) – 3.0 km
- to the planned junction in A1 motorway, 4 km
Distance from the airport Katowice – Pyrzowice
Distance: 30 km
Distance from large city agglomerations
with the population of more
than 50 000
Katowice – 25 km, Gliwice – 10 km, Ruda Śląska – 10 km
Level of underground waters Zone of ground waters – more than 1 m below the ground level
Risk of flooding and land slide The risk of inundation due to the near location of Mikulczycki stream
Underground obstacles and obstacles
on the surface
Not expected due to the use so far (agriculture)